Who are Hutsuls? – the answer to this question was saught for in Uzhgorod

Today, September 20, in Uzhgorod the historical and ethnographic essay "Transcarpathian Hutsuls" was presented. Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional association "Prosvita" Volodymyr Pipash has been working on the publication for almost two years. As the author says himself, it is his attempt to answer who Rakhiv Hutsuls are.   The book for the first time in modern era analyzes Transcarpathian part of Hutsul region based on both field and historiographical research. In particular, its boundaries are established, versions about the origin of Hutsuls are considered, the process of settlement of the Transcarpathian Hutsul region, economic, material and spiritual culture features of this particular ethnic group is explained. Also, the author touched the unique and bright page in the history of Ukraine – Hutsul republic.

According to director of the publishing house, which published the book, Oleksandr Garkusha, the book is thin, but informative, in convenient format.  Moreover, it is well written, contains many interesting facts and has no age restrictions.

The first presentation of the book took place during the XIII Festival "Hutsul Bryndza."

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