Which Uzhgorod deputies took the park away from townspeople?

At the meeting of the last session on November 9, 2015, deputies of Uzhgorod city council legalized the possibility of building in the park on Babiak street. It is the area of more than one thousand square meters, where there are trees now.

According to the "Know!", at the last meeting of the deputies of the 2006-2010 term, at the initiative of a then deputy Pavlo Mayerchyk, two plots of 0,088 hectares each in the park were allocated for free to two citizens for the purpose of "construction and maintenance of a residential house."

At the end of 2014, the park was fenced by unknown persons. At the same time, at the session on February 19, 2015, the draft decision was submitted according to which the two mentioned plots in the park already belonged to a Vasyl Holubka who asked to change the purpose of the land – "for construction and maintenance of other public buildings buildings at Babiak street, w/o number".

Under pressure from the community in Uzhgorod, since February this draft decision would not gain enough votes.

But on November 9, deputies did vote for the decision №1882, paragraphs 1.67 and 1.74 allow to change the purpose of the land in the park on Babiak street.

Most civil society activists and journalists were absent at that meeting because the police evacuated people due to the report about the alleged mining of the room. Meanwhile, the Mayor Victor Pogorelov continued the meeting and the voting for land issues.

Here is the list of Uzhgorod city council deputies who voted for the decision "On approval and denial of approval of land management projects concerning land allocation" (draft decision №1626), thus giving the opportunity to build up the park:

Badyda Vasyl, Bed Yulianna, Bezega Tetyana, Belyakov Yuriy, Bobita Victor, Bulanov Rostislav, Bulyna Mykhailo, Vashchuk Fedir, Hetmanenko Oleksiy, Hnatkiv Vasyl, Doktor Oleksandr, Zhmenyak Vira, Zilhalova Maria, Kindrat Oleksiy, Kovacs Oleksandr, Kozak Tetyana, Kostiuk Yuriy, Kruchanytsya Vasyl, Lyakh Yelizaveta, Martin Victor, Mehesh Mykhailo, Nimchuk Stepan, Patskan Bogdan, Pogorelov Victor, Pogorelov Andriy, Roshko Mykhailo, Rumyantsev Taras, Semal Vitaliy, Sokhanych Fedir, Tarakhonych Victoria, Feyer Victor, Shafar Yaroslav.

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