Which roads are being repaired in Transcarpathia?

Before the elections, candidates appeal to the problem of roads particularly often. And each of them, in turn, tries to impress with what they have already made and promise to do.

At the same time, current government officials say that roads are being repaired.

But which one are actually being repaired?

The team of the service Navizor.com, that plans routes only on good roads, has a new update – the navigator will warn drivers about road repairs so that they could avoid obstacles.

And now more on road repairs in Transcarpathian region.

This September, eight roads within the region were under repair.

First, those in the border area. Thus, the repair of the road near Vylok was performed.

Partial repairs were performed on the road N-09 (Mukacheve-Rakhiv-Bohorodchany-Iv.Frankivsk-Rohatyn-Bibrka-Lviv) at sections 174 – 185 km, 115 – 126 km and 115 – 126 km.

Also out repairs were carried on the road T-07-12 (Perechyn-Svalyava-Lypcha) within 78 – 95 km. 

The road T-07-20 (Mizhhirya-Kolochava-Bushtyno) was repaired at the section 50 – 53 km.

Partial repair was performed at the stretch near the tourist attraction of Transcarpathian region – the Synevyr

4 km of roads was repaired on the road from Nyzhni Vorota to Mizhhirya.

The road R-21 (Dolyna-Khust) was repaired at sections 51 – 56 km and 75 – 86 km.

7. The road R-32 (Kremenets-Rzhyschiv-Bila Tserkva) has undergone repairs at sections of 5 – 10 km and 23 – 30 km. 

In general, in September, a lot of public funds was spent for the repair of roads in Transcarpathian region. But did it give a positive result, have road conditions in the region improved? Only the drivers, who use them, can say.

Meanwhile, it is planned to repair some roads in 2016:

We hope that soon the situation with roads in the region will improve and roads in Ukraine will be perfect.

Until then, rate the roads you ride on to help other drivers.

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