Which of the Transcarpathian politicians impresses a professional stylist the most?

Yana Murzayeva moved to Transcarpathia after having been forced to leave her home by the war.

Here she has found a second homeland. She lives in Mukachevo, works in Uzhgorod. She says that she likes this land.

In an interview with the publication Zakarpatpost, she told about the main trends of the modern business fashion. In particular, they talked about the style of Transcarpathian politicians and the stylist’s opinion. In particular, does Ms. Yana like the way Transcarpathian politicians dress up?

– Not all of them. I am very impressed by the mayor of Uzhgorod. He looks like James Bond, or rather Roger Moore, who played him. So when I look at the photo of Bohdan Andriyiv, I think that he will save, if not the world, then Uzhgorod for sure. But in general, politics does not interest me at all. I’m talking solely about looks.

As for general recommendations, they are predictable:

– You can not let yourself go. This applies to everyone. Now, a man can be distinguished from a woman only by hair length. And that is not even always the case. Clothing, hygiene, manicure, pedicure, haircut, as well as spiritual development are important for representatives of both sexes.


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