Where to go instead of the BTI? (Addresses and phone numbers)

For citizens attention! On January 1, 2013, the new system of state registration of rights to real property was introduced in Ukraine. In this regard, the registration service of the Department of Justice provides a list of registration services of the region where you can apply for state registration of rights to real property and encumbrances.

Registration services of Transcarpathian region:

Registration Service of the Department of Justice in Transcarpathian region

Yurkuts Natalia

City of Uzhgorod, Narodna sq., 4.

(0312) 61-28-92 (0312) 61-61-97
Registration Service of Beregovo District Department of Justice

Hryts Mykola

City of Beregovo, Kossuth sq., 1

(03141) 4-22-84 (03141) 4-24-41

Registration Service of Velyky Berezny District Department of Justice

Yevych Victor

Town of Velyky Berezny, Shevchenko st., 27

(03135) 2-12-48
Registration Service of Vynogradiv District Department of Justice

Svyrydenko Natalia

City of Vynogradiv, Myr sq., 3

(03143) 2-67-51 (03143) 2-76-51
Registration Service of Volovets District Department of Justice 

Kurakh Mykhailo

Town of Volovets, Pushkin st., 6

(03136) 2-46-76
Registration Service of Irshava District Department of Justice

 City of Irshava, Gagarin st., 37/1

(03144) 2-29-41 (03144) 2-29-45
Registration Service of Mizhhirya District Department of Justice

Tsimbota Vitaliy

Town of Mizhhirya, Shevchenko st., 159

(03146) 2-33-30
Registration Service of Mukachevo City and District Department of Justice

 Khymych Vasyl

City of Mukachevo, Myr sq., 30

(03131) 3-23-27 (03131) 3-23-31
Registration Service of Perechyn District Department of Justice

 Huley – Shykula Olga

City of Perechyn, Zhovtneva st., 43

(03145) 2-10-66 (03145) 2-31-74
Registration Service of Rakhiv District Department of Justice

Delyatynchuk Andriy

City of Rakhiv, Shevchenko st., 202

(03132) 2-54-80
Registration Service of Svalyava District Department of Justice

Zhihansky Yuri

City of Svalyava, Pershotravneva st., 64

(03133) 2-42-96 (03133) 2-42-64
Registration Service of Tyachiv District Department of Justice

Tyvodar Ivan

City of Tyachiv, Nezalezhnist st., 36

(03134) 3-32-29 (03134) 3-38-04
Registration Service of Uzhgorod City and District Department of Justice 

Misyaylo Volodymyr

City of Uzhgorod, Zhupanatska sq., 3.

(0312) 61-63-53 (0312) 61-60-51
Registration Service of Khust District Department of Justice 

Tomyshch Vasyl

City of Khust, Ivan Franko st., 6

(03142) 5-15-92 (031142) 5-20-32

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