Where in Ukraine are the cheapest apartments?

Kirovohrad, Ivano-Frankivsk and Sumy are the cities with the lowest housing prices. And the most expensive apartments are in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv. The data were published by the analysts of Ukraine’s largest free ads web site Slando.  According to the information, as of January 2013, the average prices of apartments in Ukraine are as follows: one-bedroom – $ 32,267, two-bedroom – $ 47,727, three-bedroom – $ 64,588, four-bedroom – $ 79,937.In defferent regions housing price significantly differs from the average. Thus, in Kirovohrad, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy and Uzhgorod you can buy a one-room apartment for less than $ 25,000. But an apartment in the capital costs as much as a house somewhere on the coast of Montenegro.High prices for the real estate in the capital result not only from the demand, but also from the fact that Kyiv is the leader in Ukraine in the number of new buildings. And in new houses, the area of one-bedroom apartments can exceed the area of three-bedroom ones in old buildings. More detailed information about average prices for apartments in Ukraine is presented in the infographic below:

Вартість квартир в Україні

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