Where have authorities allowed to swim in Uzhgorod?

Today, on May 16, during the meeting of the executive committee of Uzhgorod city council, it was allowed to organize areas for recreation and swimming.
So officially in Uzhgorod it is allowed to swim in such places:
– At the children’s railway within Botanicheskaya street on the right bank of the river Uzh – 1000 square meters;
– From the traffic bridge (Student’s Embankment) till the end of the park "Bozdoshsky"
– 5000 square meters;
– From the traffic bridge on the left bank of the river Uzh till the cafe "Venice" –
3000 sq.m.
Entrepreneurs, same as last year, were offered to join the arrangement of recreation areas, although the Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov said that they don’t show a great desire in this regard. City beaches should be ready for the recreation of the citizens and visitors of the regional center by June 1.
By the same decision, members of the executive committee banned swimming, boating and, using all means of water entertainment in the derivation channel reservoirs on Zagorska street, Churgovicha street, in the Park "Victory" (a lake near the school number 15), Radvanka quarry and in the river Uzh within the city, except for certain recreation areas.

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