Where do your arms grow from? From public utility office number 5!

Last week, in the yard between the buildings at the addresses Dzhambula street, 56, and Minayskaya street, 21, behind Water Supply and Sewerage office "Prestige", utility workers hastily set exercisers for children.

Apparently, Uzhgorod utility service “masters” pursued the goals different from entertainment and health of young people. Or maybe, due to their age or some other reasons, they forgot completely their childhood and physical parameters of the potential users of CHILDREN’s sports grounds. Anyway, we are providing the technical characteristics of sports equipment, installed in the yard for children (!): The height of parallel bars is 1.71 m (!), the height of the horizontal bar is 2.6 m (!).

This, so to speak, "sports equipment" is set in Uzhgorod by the workers of public utilities office number 5.

One more “interesting” thing is the quality of the bars. Less than in a week one of the horizontal bars bent. Looks like our children are getting really healthier every day – look how strong they are!

Vsya Zakarpatskaya Pravda

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