Where do the crows live? Near the village Zniatsevo in Transcarpathia

There are dozens of crows’ nest on the trees at the turn of the village Zniatsevo and Chervenyovo of Mukachiv district near the car washes stop.

Ornithologists say that these birds start building nests early – in late February and early March. The female and male birds build nests from the small branches and twigs, clods, wool, dry grass and moss. The offspring appears a couple of times a year and exactly in spring. The female lays 4-6 eggs. In 20 days in advance young ones hatch and do not leave the nest for six weeks.

And if the fairy tells that a crow hides the gold in the nest, brings ‘live’ and ‘dead’ water, gets rejuvenating apples, then in the village Znyatsiv the situation is less ‘romantic’ because the road is completely littered with bird droppings. And people are afraid of being ‘hit’ while they are waiting at the bus stop … Crows feel great around the local cafe. They often get something delicious.  


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