When rainbow comes the city (PHOTOS)


Iris, which is rainbow from Greek, has bloomed on the streets of Uzhgorod. Indeed, it has the colors of the sunshine: bright, rich, life-giving. Especially since this flower has a divine origin, since it is named after Iris, the goddess of rainbows.

According to legend, the Earth dwellers – animals, insects, birds – were so impressed with the beauty of the iris, that they were fighting for it for 4 days. Even the wind and the water wanted to possess this beautiful flower.

But while the earthly and unearthly forces were arguing with each other, the iris seeds ripened, the wind swept them around the world, and the water picked them up and carried to distant lands. Since then, the iris has been growing in different parts of the world.

And one part of this world is in Uzhgorod.


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