What will be closed and what will remain open in Uzhgorod: decision of the City Council (VIDEO)

An extraordinary meeting of the Uzhgorod City Council was held today, March 17. It was initiated because of the coronavirus situation. The purpose is to introduce anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to allocate additional funds from the budget to combat the disease.

According to the decision, from March 17, 2020, temporarily, pending the relevant decision of the City Council, public facilities located in Uzhgorod, regardless of the form of ownership and subordination, shall be closed, namely:

– cinemas;

– theaters;

– museums;

– galleries;

– libraries and other cultural and entertainment facilities;

– children’s entertainment centers and clubs;

– playgrounds, including sports grounds;

– fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools and stadiums;

– amusement parks;

– all non-food stores;

– shopping and entertainment centers;

– hostels, retail establishments;

– markets (except for food markets);

– restaurants;

– catering establishments;

– in hotels – bars, clubs, cafes, discos, pubs;

– other institutions and is, etc.

The exceptions are grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, cafeterias in healthcare facilities.

It should be noted that shopping malls and hypermarkets such as the Epicenter in Uzhgorod will also be closed. As for markets such as Krasnodontsi, Drunk market, Bilochka, they will also be closed, except for food outlets.

Then, by the decision of the session, UAH 11.4 million was allocated for medicine. Most of the funds will be spent for the purchase of lung ventilators (about 20), respiratory medical masks, anti-plague suits, disinfectants, alcohol-containing septics, tests, and patient monitors. The funds will be redistributed between the municipal health facilities of the city.



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