What, where, when on weekend in Transcarpathia (19 – 20 of November)

November 19 – opening of the memorial plague to senior soldier Igor Rozlutsky, who was killed in the ATO area. The beginning is at 13.00 (school №8, Uzhgorod).

November 19 – International Festival of Rusyn culture "Chervena Ruzha." Rusyn folk groups from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia will take part. The beginning is at 15.00 (Transcarpathian Regional Drama and Comedy Theater, Mukachevo).

November 19 – Awarding of the winners of local football championship. The beginning is at 11.00 (meeting room of the District State Administration, Irshava).

November 19-20 – wine festival "Transcarpathian Beaujolais 2016" (wine cellars "Owl’s Nest", Uzhgorod).

November 19-20 – during the "Transcarpathian Beaujolais", the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers will open the volunteer tavern "Bears’ Place" (delicious food, win-win lottery, reasonable prices). The proceeds will form the fund to repair the vehicles in the war zone. 10.30 – 19.30 (at the entrance to the Heroes of the Heaven’s Hundred Square, Rakoczy st., Uzhgorod).  

November 19-20 – Open Day for everyone, who wants to learn more about Transcarpathian wines and their production. The program includes excursion to the winery and a chance to win a gift – Moscato wine! There will be treats with wine and Transcarpathian specialties. The admission is free. 10.00-19.00 ("Chizay" winery, Beregovo, Chizay tract, №1).

November 20 – V Regional Festival of Folk Choreography.    During the festival, the regional selection round of the V National P. Virsky Festival and Contest of Folk Dance will also take place.   The beginning is at 12.00 (House of Culture, the village of Velyky Bychkiv in Rakhiv district).

November 20 – Concert of the family of Ostap and Olga Shutkiv with the string orchestra directed by Serhiy Dobosh. The program will include masterpieces of the "golden" classic and contemporary cover versions. MSU Master’s student Olesya Bodnar will also take part in the concert. The beginning is at 16.00 (Christian Cultural Center, Rosvyhivska st., 9A, Mukachevo).

November 20 – almost a detective story "Singing Pig" (S.Kozlov, V.Pidtserkovny. The beginning is at 11.00 and 13.00 (puppet theater, Uzhgorod).

November 20 – "Little Red Riding Hood, or Adventures in the Carpathians" (director – A.Filipov). The beginning is at 12.00 (25 UAH), the play "Hamlet" (director – Ya.Helyas). The beginning is at 18.00 (30-80 UAH) (Regional Music and Drama Theater, Uzhgorod).

November 20 – Weekend Music. Vocal and organ "Baroque" music. The beginning is at 17.00 (Regional Philharmonic, Uzhgorod).


– Retrospective exhibition of works by the artist Serhiy Biba (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the artist). Every day, except Monday. 11.00-18.00, Saturday – 11.00-15.00, Sunday – 11.00-13.00 ("Uzhgorod" gallery).

– Paintings of artist Spyridon Pavlenko. Every day except Tuesday, 10.00-18.00 (Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Uzhgorod). 

– Exhibition of the co-founder of the Transcarpathian school of art, People’s Artist of the USSR Yosyp Bokshay – in honor of the 125th anniversary of the artist. Overall, it will feature 80 works from the museum’s collection. Charitable FoundationY.Bokshay Charitable Foundation will contribute to the exhibition by providing archival materials, children’s drawings, front sketches made by Yosyp Bokshay in captivity. Every day, except Monday, 10.00 -18.00 (Art Museum, Uzhgorod).

– Exhibition "Slice of contemporary art of Transcarpathia" (artworks by Ivan Brovdi, Francisk Erfan, Vasyl Vovchok, Vladislav Gabda, Volodymyr Mykyta, Lyudmila Korzh-Redko, Ivan Didyk, Boris Kuzma, Attila Kopryva, Mykola Dufynets, Zoltan Michka, Andriy Ivancho, Laszlo Magyar, Petro Matl and other leading artists of the region) (the art gallery of the "Palanok" castle, Mukachevo).  

– Solo exhibition of art works "Look, remember and sing" by well-known artist, teacher, writer and book illustrator Angelina Turak. The featured works are based on Transcarpathian, Hungarian, Slovak folk songs (free entry) (art club "Art-Panorama" of the Central City Library, Voloshin str., 20, Uzhgorod).

– Exhibition of Transcarpathian artist Ivan Ilko titled "Process. 60s". Features the works made by the master in late 50s – early 60s, as well as new paintings (entrance fee is 20 UAH, for students – 10 UAH) Saturday – 11.00 – 21.00, Sunday – 12.00 – 19.00 (art center "Ilko Gallery").

– Exhibition of works by the artist from Beregovo Anatoliy Sakalosh (the atrium of the RSA building, Narodna Square, Uzhgorod).

– Exhibition of works by Pavlo Kutlan. 11.00 – 15.00 (exhibition hall "Impasto", Vynogradiv).

– Exhibition of works by Mykhailo Vorokhta "Colors of the native land" on the occasion of the anniversary (District House of Culture, Rakhiv).

– Exhibition of photographs of the World War I (the organizers are the Regional State Archives and Presov University (Regional State Archives building, Mynaiska street, Uzhgorod). 

– Permanent exhibition of master A. Kotska. 10.00-17.00 (Sunday – 13.00-17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of People’s Artist of Ukraine Andriy Kotska, Vinnychna Str., 20, Uzhgorod).

– Permanent exhibition of Fedir Manaylo. Every day except Sunday-Monday – 9.00 – 17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of F. Manaylo, Drugety st., 74, Uzhgorod).

– Permanent exhibition of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Mykyta (visit by arrangement with the author) (museum of V.Mykyta, Sobranetska Str. 68/2, Uzhgorod).

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