What, where, when in Transcarpathia on weekend (3 – 4 of March)

March 3 – An open lecture "The Slovak Experience in Preserving Monuments of Castle Architecture" organized by the School of Young Archeologists of the Transcarpathian Tourism Center in conjunction with the Transcarpathian Regional Local Lore Museum.  Speaker – Slovak scholar, head of the center "Brekov-Grad" (Druget Castle), Stanislav Macinsky. Visualization. Q&A session and discussions. Enrollment of pupils to the archaeology club. The lecture will be conducted in Slovak language (entrance is free). The beginning is at 10.00 (conference hall, castle, Uzhgorod).

March 3 – 4 – Bishops’ Sunday Holy Days Services and Liturgies of the Blessed Gifts. March 3 – Saturday of the second week of the Great Lent. Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (the village of Dubrivka, St. John the Baptist Monastery, the village of Dubrivka, Irshava district). March 4 – the second Sunday of the Great Lent. St Gregory Palamas, archbishop of Thessaloniki (†1359). Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, Holy Ascension Temple, the village of Velyki Luchky, Mukachevo district).

March 3 – 4 – "Tourist Philharmonic". From 13.00 to 14.00, organ music will be played (price – 15 UAH) (Regional Transcarpathian Philharmonic,  Uzhgorod).

March 4 – Schedule of Liturgies: 6.30 – Divine Liturgy, 7.30 – Matins, 8.30 – Divine Liturgy, 9.45 – Divine Liturgy, 11.30 – Divine Liturgy, 14.00 – Divine Liturgy, 16.30 – Vespers, 17.30 – Divine Liturgy (Holy Cross Cathedral Greek Catholic Cathedral, A. Bachinsky Sq., Uzhgorod).

March 4 – Weekend Music. Antonio Vivaldi. Chamber orchestra (director – Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladyslav Yurosh). The soloist of the Philharmonic, Katerina Hazho (organ), Honored Artist of Ukraine Oksana Kharkhalis (mezzo soprano), Diana Havata (cello), Oksana Grinevich (flute), Taras Popovich (flute), Emmerich and Tomas Popovichs (trumpet), Yaroslav Breslavsky (guitar), Olena Yurosh (harpsichord). The concert will be hosted by musicologist Natalia Pitsur. The beginning is at 17.00 (Regional Philharmonic, Uzhgorod).

March 4 – a new project from Uzhgorod FRI "Interesting Coffee" (meetings with successful people). This time, the guests are members of the group "TrystaVisim" (trumpeter and vocalist Volodymyr Shchobak, vocalist, guitar Pavlo Henov) and the joy orchestra "Vataha" (the leader of the orchestra Volodymyr Shchobak and vocalist Anna Shmilyak). The beginning is at 18:00 (Duffort – espresso bar, Leo Tolstoy st., 3 V, Uzhgorod).

March 4 – "How the hedgehog and the kids saved the gosling" (N.Hernet, T.Hurevych). The beginning is at 11.00 and 13.00 (tickets are available at the theater box office) (Transcarpathian academic puppet theater "Bavka", Uzhgorod).

March 4 – Performance "Fern Blossom". The beginning is at 12.00 (ticket price is 40 UAH), mythical historical perfomance "My charming Estel" by Hava Yezel Valaamova (directed by Mykhailo Milmeister). The beginning is at 18.00 (ticket price is 60-80 UAH) (Transcarpathian Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Sherehiy brothers, Uzhgorod).

March 4 – 8 – exhibition of violets. Every day, 11.00 – 18.00 ("Uzhgorod" gallery, Uzhgorod).

March 4 – 17 – the arrival of the miraculous image of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a special icon of the Savior made miraculously by a non-human hand. The icon is kept in the Pontifical Church of the Sistine Chapel (Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral, A. Bachinsky Sq., Uzhgorod).


– "Almost Spring" is the name of the exhibition of the works by the members of and potential candidates for the Youth Association at the Transcarpathian Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (Yaroslava Katran, Olena Peresta, Yevhen Tsap, Oleksandr Kofel, Yaroslav Dulenko, Oleksandr Tkachenko, Volodymyr Mykhailov, Pavlo Marynets, Oleksiy Fedor, Serhiy Lakatosh, Angelina Hafinets, Taras Hodvan and others) (the "Diptych" gallery, Koryatovich st., 5, Uzhgorod).

– "The answer to the unbroken people" – an exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, as part of the celebration of its 75th anniversary. The display of two dozen informational and educational stands prepared by the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory presents facts about the anti-Nazi and anti-Communist struggle of the UIA during and after the Second World War. Unique photographs, declassified documents, maps and infographics (foyer of Transcarpathian regional state administration, Narodna sq., 4 Uzhgorod).

– retrospective exhibition on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of People’s Artist of Ukraine, corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine Borys Kuzma. Every day, except Monday, 9.30 -17.30 (Transcarpathian Art Museum, the city of Uzhgorod).

– "Spring mood" – a personal exhibition of Transcarpathian artist, teacher Yulia Egorova-Rogova. 12 paintings by the artist made over the last two years. Every day, 11.00 -17.00 (Art Salon "ArtPro", Svoboda Ave., Uzhgorod).

– works by artists of the creative association Art-Club "Palitra-spektr" (Galina Grenko, Oksana Metzger, Victor Grabar, Tetyana Rybar, Anton Sekeresh, Robert Braginsky, Natalia Rybar, Kinga Kizman, Larysa Bobalik) (painting gallery of Palanok castle, Mukachevo).

– a personal exhibition of works by a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, laureate of the regionalA. Erdelyi and Y. Bokshay Prize Oleksandr Hromovy. Every day, except Tuesday, 10.00 – 18.00 (Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Uzhgorod).

– beadwork and bottle decoupage. The beginning is at 13.00 (exhibition hall "Impasto", Shevchenko st., 8, Vynogradiv).

– "From far away travels" – an exhibition of works by members of the Transcarpathian organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. 24 exhibitors presented works made in Greece, Montenegro, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and even America and Tibet. Every day (except Monday) 11.00-18.00, Saturday – 11.00-15.00, Sunday – 11.00-13.00 ("Uzhgorod" gallery, Uzhgorod).

– works by contemporary artist Pavlo KERESTEY (Uzhgorod-Munich). Every day, except Monday, Tuesday-Saturday – 11.00-21.00, Sunday – 12.00-19.00 (art center "Ilko Gallery", Koshitska street, Uzhgorod).

– group exhibition of works by artists Ivan Demyan, Oleksandr Shandor, Oleksandr Pevse, Victor Chepynets, Serhiy Halay, Orest Tsyupko (city art gallery, Pirogov st., 1, the city of  Khust).

– permanent ensemble exhibition "History of Transcarpathia from the 8th century to 1919" (the project was implemented thanks to the close cooperation of the Transcarpathian Regional Local Lore Museum and Nyiregyhaza Museum, with the support of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod and with the assistance of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and the Transcarpathian Regional Council (the castle, Uzhgorod).

– permanent exhibition "Wooden church architecture of Transcarpathia". Features 109 paintings by Ivan Shutyev from the series "Prayer in Wood", 43 models of folk craftsman from Mizhhirya district Andriy Vorobets (Pirogov st. 4, Mukachevo).

– art of A. Kotka. Every day, except Monday. 10.00-17.00, Sunday – 13.00-17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of People’s Artist of Ukraine Andriy Kotska, Vinnychna Str., 20, Uzhgorod).

– Permanent exhibition of Fedir Manaylo. Every day except Sunday-Monday – 9.00 – 17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of F. Manaylo, Drugety st., 74, Uzhgorod).

– Permanent exhibition of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Mykyta (visit by arrangement with the author) (museum of V.Mykyta, Sobranetska Str. 68/2, Uzhgorod).

– excursions to the Saint-Miklos castle (the village of Chynadiyevo, Mukachevo district).

– Exhibitions. Every day, except Monday, 9.00 – 18.00 (Kuruc lane, Palanok castle, Mukachevo).

– unique weaving patterns. 9.00 – 18.00 (Monday to Friday, lunch break – 13.00 to 14.00) (Museum of Weaving, the village of Cherna, Vynogradiv district).

– Exhibition of historical and regional folk museum "Sriberna Zemlya" (the village of Hrushovo, Prykordonna Str., 2, Tyachiv district).

– Exhibitions. 9.00 – 17.00 (local lore museum, Khust).

– Exhibition of kerosene lamps, consumer items, and exhibition devoted to the events in the east (on weekends – on request) (the District Historical Museum, Irshava).

– Exhibitions of the Museum of Beregovo district (Beregovo, Bethlen, Str 1).

– Exhibitions of the Museum of Weaving (the village of Velyki Beregy, Beregovo district).

– Museum of Mountain Ecology and Natural Resources of the Ukrainian Carpathians. 8.00 to 17.00 (lunch break – 12.00 to 13.00) (25 UAH – for adults, 18 UAH – for students, 12 UAH – for shoolchildren (central manor of the CBR, outskirts of Rakhiv).

– Exibitions of District Historical Museum (Shevchenko street,Vynogradiv).

– Exhibitions of the historical museum (the village of  Kvasovo, Beregovo district).

– ethnographic museum "Verkhovyna" – interesting exhibits of our ancestors. Every day, except weekends, 9.00 – 14.00 (school, the village of Volosyanka, Velyky Berezny district).

– Village Ethnographic Museum (the village of Pryborazhavske, Irshava district).

– Museum complex "Old Village". Every day (no breaks and days off) 8.00 – 18.00. Admission fee: adult – 40 UAH, privileged – 30 UAH, children – 15 UAH. Guided tour: up to 10 persons – 100 UAH, up to 20 persons – 150 UAH, up to 30 persons – 200 UAH. Riding on a motor trolley – 50 UAH in the museum "Kolochava narrow gauge" (the village of Kolochava, Mizhhirya district).

– Tisa museum complex – skansen (house of a poor man, rural school and house of a wealthy farmer, the historical museum in the former Foharashi estate). 11:00-19:00 (Shevchenko st., 74, the village of Tysobyken, Vynogradiv district).

– Museum "Lemko Household". Every day, except Tuesday and Sunday -11.00 -19.00, the museum "Roma Kolyba" (a hut with a straw roof and a forge) (the village of Zarichovo, Perechyn district);

– Museum of Rural Life and Customs "Sklad" (the village of Dubrynychi, Perechyn district);

– Rehabilitation Center for Brown Bears (National Park "Synevyr", Mizhhirya district).

– "Ice land" skating rink (near the hypermarket "Dastor", Sobranetska st., 89, Uzhgorod).

Photo by N. Pavlyk, work by O. Peresta

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