What violations were recorded during the elections in Transcarpathia

Observers recorded a number of violations during the elections in Transcarpathia 
A total of 133 violations of the election law were recorded in Transcarpathia on election day. 
At some polling stations, they found reports on voting results with the signatures of the members and the chairman of the commission before the counting. As a result, those reports were confiscated by the police at one of the Uzhgorod polling stations, and new ones were brought to the polling station only a few minutes before the end of the voting. 
In Beregovo district, at one of the polling stations, reports were filled out not with a ballpoint pen, but with an ordinary pencil. 
At some polling stations, there were attempts to take ballots out of polling stations, and at some polling stations, ballots were photographed. 
Observers also reported that in Uzhgorod, one of the candidates took part in the vote count.  
In some places, observers found advertisements for parties and candidates on the day of silence and on election day. 
Observers also recorded cases where commission members did not spoil unused ballots.


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