What Uzhgorod utilities are doing today

Today in Uzhgorod, employees of the "Zakarpatelektrobud" are repairing the street lighting on Lehotsky, Tykhy, and Hrushevsky streets. Illegal landfills are being cleared on Pestel, Zaliznychna, Mynaiska, Chornovil, Zankovetska, Lehotsky, Mitskevych, Volodymyrska streets, near the school No 6. At night, the main streets, ascents and bridges were sprinkled with an anti-icing mixture. Employees of servicing enterprises are cleaning streets and their assigned areas. Major repairs of the pedestrian zone of Nezalezhnist embankment and the road section of Sandor Petofi square continue. 
On Shumna street, the road dressing damaged as a result of skinking is being restored.

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