What is riplyanka and what do you eat it with? (Photo)

Transcarpathian land is renowned for its festivals, because almost every local product or local dish is honored with its own festival. The village of Kolochava in Mizhhirya district also decided to keep up. For the first time in Ukraine, they have organized the Festival of riplyanka there, which was held on Saturday, June 15 in the open-air museum "Old Village."

Riplyanka is a traditional local dish that is cooked several times a week in every house of the village. The dish is made with boiled and mashed potatoes ("ripa" in local dialect) and corn flour. Riplyanka is cooked on low heat in a cast iron pan, constantly stirred with a wooden stick (tokanyanyk).

Residents of Kolochava eat the corn dish with hands with various side dishes – cheese, eggs, meat, sour cream, mushrooms … The dish is extremely useful and satisfying.

Two dozen different kinds of riplyanka were presented at the festival, because every woman cooks it in her own way and adds some secrets.

Years of experience helped Nataliya Tumarets, and her riplyanka was recognized as the best by independent tasters of the festival, and the famous restaurant cooks team won the first place – PNP "Synevyr" reported.


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