What does the Horyany Rotunda look like after restorations? (PHOTOS)

Another stage of restoration of the Horyany Rotunda – the oldest stone church in Transcarpathia – has been completed.

One of the problems of preserving the unique frescos of the XIV century was the excessive moistening of the walls. In order to avoid this, with the permission of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the drainage from the foundation of the monument was arranged. Also, the cement plaster was replaced with traditional limestone, which allowed the walls of the monument to breathe. The results of these works can already be seen – the inside walls have dried up, the mold has disappeared, and even the frescoes are looking more distinct.


Currently, the monument is roofed with shingles, which is being ruined due to exposure to sunlight and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it with a protective solution. The entrance door was replaced. They also plan to replace the windows.

During the archaeological works, that preceded the drainage arrangement, they found the XIV century coins, which, according to art historian Mykhailo Pryimych, allow to date the Horyany Rotunda to this period. 


According to the chief specialist on cultural heritage protection of the Department of Culture of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Tomash Sopko, the Horyany Rotunda is one of the three most remarkable monuments of the ancient church art of Ukraine, along with the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Cyril Church in Kyiv.

The Bishop of Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese Milan emphasized that the Church is doing a lot to restore historical monuments. 

The reconstruction works in the Horyany Rotunda were not performed at public expense. In 2018, there will be an international scientific conference with the participation of Ukrainian scientists from Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, and specialists from Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, after which they will develop the restoration project and design estimates for further repair and restoration works at the ancient temple.

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