What does Sharanych need “Berkut” for? (OPINION)

The spokesman of the Right Sector of Transcarpathia Volodymyr Hlasner expressed his opinion on what Serhiy Sharanych, the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region (who is no longer "Acting") needs "Berkut" for.

We publish the post in full.

"The chief of the police of Transcarpathia Sharanych did not fulfill the order of the minister Avakov and did not disband the infamous "Berkut".

Moreover, recently Sharanych gathered and rewarded officers of this special forces unit. They were wearing the same uniform with the same chevrons.

I remind you that the order of the Minister of the Internal Affairs "On the dissolution of special civil security police units "Berkut" was signed on February 25, 2014.

S.Sharanych constantly emphasizes that he does everything the Minister orders, and here he is openly disobeying his order. Or maybe his underlings disobeyed?

The fact is that Sharanych for some reason needs "Berkut", needs so much that he even disobeys the minister’s order" – the message states.

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