What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today, in Uzhgorod, street lighting is being repaired in the Radvanka neighbourhood and on Shkilna, Abrikosova streets. Traffic lights are being repaired at the intersection of Zakarpatska-Sobranetska streets.

The green zones are being mown in the Rotary Park, on the slopes of Kyivska embankment, on Maria Zankovetska and Istvan Secheni streets. Hedge is being trimmed on Jan Hus street.

Servicing enterprises are cleaning the streets and the territories assigned to them, in particular the "AVE Uzhgorod" Ltd is clearing illegal landfills on Zakarpatska, Pirogov, Tlekhas, Bohomolets streets.

The sidwalks are being paved with FEM-tiles on Shumna street. Major repairs of Sandor Petofi square are ongoing. Preparations for major repairs are being carried out on Koshitska, Ukrainska, Ivan Ankundinov streets.

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