What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today, in Uzhgorod, street lighting is being repaired on Drugety, Uzhanska, Malouzhanska, Prykordonna, Domanynska streets, bulbs are being replaced on Sriblyasta street, street lighting control panel is being repaired on Mykola Chernyshevsky and Onokivska streets.

Green zones are being arranged on Maria Zankovetska, Kapushanska street and at the intersection of Robocha and Ruska streets.

Employees of servicing enterprises are cleaning streets and their assigned areas, in particular, removing garbage using special equipment on Edmund Egan square, Kapush, Koshut streets, cemeteries in Dravtsi and Domanyntsi neighborhoods. The "AVE Uzhgorod" is clearing illegal landfills on Brodlakovich, Silvay, Onokivska, Popadynets, Pestel, Mynaiska streets.

Major repairs of Nezalezhnist Embankment are ongoing. On Sandor Petofi square, storm sewerage network is being arranged as part of major repairs. The MU "KSHEP" is conducting reconstruction works after replacement of the gas pipeline on Hrushevsky street by the "Zakarpatgaz".

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