What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today in Uzhgorod, on Peremoha and Shakhtari streets, workers of the "Zakarpatelektrobud" are repairing the street lighting line, in the Horyany neighbourhood, they are replacing lamps.

The "UzhAgroMix" is mowing and arranging the green areas on Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Square. Dangerous trees are being cut on Universytetsky lane, shrubs and shrubs – at the cemetery "Kalvaria".

Employees of servicing enterprises are cleaning of streets and their assigned areas.

The "AVE-Uzhgorod" and "UzhBudServis" are clearing illegal landfills on Bohomolets, Volodymyr, Fedor Dostoyevsky, Adam Mickiewicz, Lehotsky, 18, 46, 76, Vilmos Kovach, Oleksandr Popadynets, Istvan Secheny, 35.

The KSHEP utility is cleaning storm drains in the city.

Contractors continue carrying out the repairs on Sandor Petofi Square, Peremoha street; sidewalks on Yuri Gagarin and Mynaiska street; Maria Zankovetska street.

Reconstruction is being carried out on Oleksandr Mozhaisky street (8 Bereznya – Mynaiska) – cushed stone bases, FEM-tiles.

Preparations for major repairs are being carried out on Shumna street.

Current repairs are being carried out on Dovzhenko and Fedynets streets.

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