What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today, in Uzhgorod, they continue carrying out the repair of the pedestrian area on Sandor Petofi square; major repairs of engineering networks on the same square.
Current repairs:

– overhaul of sidewalks on Yuri Gagarin street;
– reconstruction on Oleksandr Mozhaisky street (8 Bereznya – Mynaiska) – preparatory work, laying of crushed stone base.

Current road repairs are being carried out today on Griboyedov and General Svoboda streets. 

Major repair of Peremoha street and Maria Zankovetska street (from the intersection with Hrushevsky street to the intersection with Legotsky street) continues.

Reconstruction of Kirpa square also continues (work in the green zone, removal of construction waste).
Intersection of Mynaiska and Mozhaisky street – laying bases for sidewalks, FEM-tile, curbs. 
Transcarpathian electric company today is painting street lighting posts on Svoboda avenue, replacing lamps on Andriy Bachynsky street and on Pryiutsky lane. 

Employees of the "UzhAgromix" are removing dry trees on Svoboda ave., planting flowers on Svoboda ave. and Peremoha street. 

Workers of the utility "KSHEP" were cleaning the territories assigned to the enterprise, and at night were carrying out mechanized cleaning of the streets of the city.

The "AVE-Uzhgorod" is clearing illegal dumps on Hodynka, Vyacheslav Chornovil streets, Legotsky st., 18, 46, 76.

Mowing today is being performed on Odeska, Tykhy, Maria Zankovetska, Volodymyr Pogorelov, Fedor Dostoevsky streets.

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