What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today, in Uzhgorod, employees of the Transcarpathian electric company are replacing lamps and repairing street lighting on Oleksandr Bohomolets street, replacing lamps on Drugety street. Replacement of lamps is being carried out on Zoreslav (Lokota), Ivan Olbracht, Augustine Voloshin streets, Pravoslavna embankment. On Leo Tolstoy street, they are dismantling street lighting pole for repair.

Employees of the KSHEP utility are clearing illegal landfills on Andriy Palay (Telman), Shumna, Akademik Korolyov, Ilya Brodlakovich, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Silvay streets. They are also carrying out inspection of traffic lights in the city, replacing lamps if necessary. At night, the workers of the KSHEP were cleaning the streets of the city using special equipment.

On Vozyednannya street, workers of the UzhAgromix are cutting stumps and doing preparation for the planting of young trees. 

The AVE-Uzhgorod are clearing illegal dumps on Zhemayte street, Svoboda avenue, 31. They also carry out disinfection of trash containers in the city.

The UzhBudServis workers are clearing illegal landfills on Vasyl Surikov, Pavlo Pestel, Vasyl Komendar (Dzhambul) streets, Zaliznychny lane.

Workers of the servicing companies "Prybyralnyk Plus", "Housing management", "UzhBudServis", "House Management Group" are also manually cleaning the streets of the city.

On Shandor Petofi square, the reconstruction of engineering networks continues, on Yuri Gagarin street – major repairs of pavements (dismantling and placement of curbs).

Pictured – workers of "AVE-Uzhgorod" carrying out disinfection of garbage tanks.

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