What are Uzhgorod utilities doing today?

Today, in Uzhgorod, street lighting is being repaired and lamps are being replaced on Kapushanska, Ivan Irlyavsky, Roman Shukhevych, Pidhradska, Vasyl Komendar streets.

Workers are weeding flowerbeds, watering plants. Grass is being mown on Studentska and Pravoslavna embankments, in the Bozdosh and Pidzamkovy parks.

Employees of servicing enterprises are cleaning streets and their assigned areas.

Illegall landfills are being cleared on Andriy Palay, Ivan Lobachevsky, Yuri Gagarin, Oleksandr Borodin, Vyacheslav Chornovil, Boris Tlekhas, Vasyl Dokuchaev streets, in the central part of the city, Universytetsky lane.

On Oleksandr Mozhaysky street, road is being asphalted, pavement is being arranged on the sidewalks; pavement is being laid on the roadway of Sandor Petofi square, concrete curbs are being set up as part of the major repair of Stantsiyna street, old curbs are being dismantled and new ones are being set up at 8 Bereznya st., 20, repair of the roadway pavement continues on the bus stops on Domanynska street.

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