What are the main problems Uzhgorod citizens are disturbed with?

"What problems in the city (village) you consider the most important?" – asked sociologists the citizens of Uzhgorod and Uzhgorod district on August 11-13. The research of pre-election attitudes was conducted by the Transcarpathian Institute of Political Studies. 

As it turned out, people are worried about "eternal" problems which solution depends primarily on the power:

Corruption in power institutions – 39.5%

Unsatisfactory state of pavements and roads – 36.4%

Unsatisfactory housing and communal services – 26.3%

No possibility to find a job – 25.5%

Stray dogs in the streets – 21.1%

Inadequate illumination of streets – 18.5%

High crime rate – 17.4%

Untimely garbage collection – 17.4%

Unsatisfactory condition of buildings, porches, roofs – 17.1%

Interruptions with water supply – 15.4%

Poor water quality in water supply system – 11.5%

Unsatisfactory state of parks, public gardens and other places of rest – 11.3%

Poor police work – 11.2%

Inadequate public transportation – 10.8%

Tense social situation in the streets (hooligans, drunkans, drug addicts) – 10.3%

Unsatisfactory work of nurseries, kindergardens, schools – 9.6%

Lack of medical facilities – 7.2%

Lack of order in the markets (product quality, health standards, etc.) – 6%

Unsatisfactory maintenance of elevators – 5.7%

No possibility to get land share – 3.7%

Lack of special parking areas – 3.6%

Problems with heating, firewood (coal) provisions – 2.6%

Other – 8.2%

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