What are the job prospects which have this year’s entrants after their graduation?

The meeting on ‘The National Education and the requirements of the modern labor market’ will be held in Uzhgorod Press Club on Tuesday, July 10, at 12 a.m. The compliance with preferences of current Transcarpathian entrants’ realities of their future employment after their graduation will be discussed at the meeting.

The details of this year’s entrance campaign at UzhNU will be also discussed.

The following individuals will meet journalists:

Andriy Horvat, an executive secretary of the selection committee of Uzhgorod National University, Professor;

Volodymyr Lazur, a Dean of the Faculty of Physics at UzhNU, Professor;

Mykola Palinchak, a Dean of the International Relations Faculty at UzhNU, associate professor;

Yuriy Bidzilya, a Dean of Philological Faculty, Head of Journalism Department, Professor. 

The press conference will be held on the premises of the Press Club:

Uzhgorod, Sobranetska Street, 3

The beginning is at 12 a.m.

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