We have overcome DDOS-attacks – Uzhgorod.in is with you again!

We are very happy to say that we are back! And we inform our readers that the reason of inaccessbility of the site was a strong DDOS-attack (Wikipedia will explain it better than the site content editor :)).

This is not the first attack on our portal, however, this time the technical defense failed – obviously, somebody wanted to stop us too much. The attack was the most powerful in the history of the site, and every time with a new attempt to resume work would begin again. Suffering from the attack, we had to change hosting and take other steps for the security of the site. This resulted in a relatively long period of "off-line", and the site could not have been updated. The "move" also took some time. But we have already settled and feel great!

We thank all those who supported, asked and worried about us, and also on behalf of the editorial board of the portal – our computer gurus Anton and Serhiy, who mobilized and sacrificed sleep and rest in order to solve the problem.

Now Uzhgorod.in is happy to report: we are set to work with renewed vigor and ideas. We are sure that everything is for the better, and that this trial made us stronger.

So, visit, read, browse photos and video materials and love life, Uzhgorod and Ukraine with us. We will continue to provide you with interesting, useful, important and accurate information about the life of Uzhgorod and more.

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