“We can repay the debt by the end of the season” – the Vice President of “Goverla”

The Vice President of "Goverla" Oleksandr Shufrich said that the club had found the money to prepare for the spring part of the season in Turkey.

– Trainings are already arranged. If everything goes according to plan, then on January 25th we will start the first training session in Turkey. Next transfer windows for us are closed, they start on the 1st of February, so by that time we will try, if possible, to find someone, but for now we are waiting for the FIFA’s announcement regarding their decision to close the transfer window.

If we are talking about what is written in the decision, officially it has not yet entered into force.If players are willing to negotiate, maybe we will repay the debt as soon as by the end of the season. We can negotiate and sign settlement agreements with each player individually – the "Football 24" quoted Shufrich.

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