Water park is being built right under Pogorelov’s nose and he asks to deal with trees

Within a few weeks active work has been done near the swimming pool “Spartak” in the park "Under the castle" in Uzhgorod. As it is seen in the photo, trees have been cut there and the area has been cleared. They say the former mayor of Uzhgorod, Sergei Ratushnyak is building either a water park or a large swimming pool.

Nobody in Uzhgorod City Council knows what is actually happening in the recreation area. Evidence of this was the reaction of Mayor Victor Pogorelov during the regular meeting of City Council, held today, May 30, on the question about consideration of establishing a permanent commission to examine green areas. "And who is cutting down trees at the swimming pool "Spartak”? When the trees were being cut in the park Bozdosh Ratushnyak shouted that they were destroying a city park, and now what is it?"- Pogorelov addressed to the Department of City Development Director Alexei Kasperov with the call to look into this matter.


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