Warehouses with hidden cigarettes were found in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

The warehouses were found by officers of the tax police in Transcarpathian region together with officers of the Transcarpathian Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the Western Regional Office of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. During the operation Excise-2017, they found places of illegal storage of tobacco products.

The cigarettes "D&B" were found in the warehouses of one of Uzhgorod enterprises. They were manufactured in Romania without excise stamps, possibly prepared for illegal transportation across the state border of Ukraine, the SFS in Transcarpathian region informs.

The tobacco products were kept in specially equipped caches – cavities of asbestos pipes wrapped in linoleum. This shows that the methods for illegal transportation and storage of tobacco products in Transcarpathia are becoming more intricate. The search is currently underway, and the exact number and value of the detected excisable goods is being established.

In another case, during the investigation under a criminal proceeding, illegal storage of tobacco products in large quantities was detected in a private household in Uzhgorod district.

In particular, during the investigation activities, they seized 48,590 packs of cigarettes with and without excise stamps of Ukraine of various brands, including "Complіment", "Rothmans", "Marvel", etc. The estimated value of the tobacco products is 1,360,520 UAH. Additional investigative measures are being taken.


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