More than four months have passed since the day when two strangers broke into the Shpanovs family home in the village of Storozhnytsia in Transcarpathia. This widely publicized incident left no one indifferent. Three gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injury – the criminals demanded money from the owner of the house in front of a minor child. Then Victor was saved by the "alarm" button of the State Protection Service. Today the family expects a fair verdict from the judge.

Another court session brings the Shpanovs family in the same room with criminals who recently turned their lives upside down. A young guy and a hardcore criminal attempted to kill the head of family Victor Shpanov. 


The victim still can not walk without help, and his three-year daughter, who witnessed the events, has to attend sessions of psychotherapy. The criminals, who committed the armed attack on the family, in the courtroom nearly drove Victor’s pregnant wife to hysteria.

– When we came to the first hearing, I was struck by the behavior of the attackers. As soon as I sat in the courtroom, they began to stare at me. Later, they started discussing, like: "to bad she wasn’t there." I was frightened, and when one of the men made a "gun" with fingers and began pretending to shoot first at me and then at my husband, I had to leave the courtroom.


Court proceedings began in April, but they still have not considered anything specific. At the last hearing, the accused had to plead either guilty or not guilty, but because of numerous requests, including a request of one of the attackers lawyer, they did not have time to do it.

We remind you that the criminals were detained red-handed by the police.They were a 19-year-old student from Uzhgorod and a 65-year-old resident of Kyiv, who had spent 30 years of his life in prison.

The last hearing on this case took place recently. It ended without even strting – due to the absence of the attackers’ lawyers. The hearing was moved to August 10.

Maryana and Victor went back home in despair. But the young family is sure that justice will prevail.


The Shpanovs family also ask journalists to support them. In particular, they ask the media to appear at the next hearing to be held on August 10, 2015 in Uzhgorod City and District Court.

State Protection Service Office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region.


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