Wage arrears to Transcarpathians amounts to more than 9.6 million

According to the district state administrations and city executive committees, as of February 1, arrears of wages at enterprises, organizations and institutions of the region are equal to 9,646,000 UAH. It is worth noting that compared to January 1 the debt to workers has decreased by 933,000 (8.8%). Such figures were reported on Friday, February 8, at the meeting on the arrears of wages, pensions, scholarships, and other social benefits in the RSA.

In particular, the economically active enterprises managed to reduce the arrears by 362,000 UAH (12%). Currently, the debt is 2.5 million.

Arrears of wages at bankrupt enterprises is just over 7 million. Compared with the previous month, the amount of debt has been reduced by 594,000 hryvnias (7.8%).

At companies, that have suspended business activities, the debt is 78 thousand. Compared with the previous month, the debt has increased due to the transfer of SE AK "Alpha" from the category of economically active enterprises. 

 Currently, there are no debts in the city of Chop, as well as in Irshava, Mizhhirya, Perechyn and Svalyava districts.

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