Vynogradovo MPs will offer Yanukovich not to sign “language” law

Today, Vynogradiv district council chairman Oleg Lyubimov signed an order to convene a special session of the district council on Monday.

"Based on the treatment of Deputies of Vynohradovo District Council with respect to violations of the Constitution in making the Law of Ukraine "On State Language Policy ", to convene the twelfth special session of the district council of the sixth convocation on July 9, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the meeting room of the district council with the agenda of addressing the President of Ukraine", stated in the order.

For reference: 64 deputies have been elected in Vinogradovo District Council. In the board there are 4 factions and 2 deputy groups. Of these, EC – 23 MPs, PR – 13, DemPUU – 8, KMKS – 5, the group "Renewed Vinogradovschina" – 5 members and the "Union for Change" – 5. Five MPs – beyond facion.

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