Vynogradiv SES inflated cost of water “turbidity and color” index research

The Regional Commercial Court confirmed the legality of the decision of the Transcarpathian regional office of the AMCU, whereby the state institution "Vynogradiv district sanitary-epidemiological station" had been fined three thousand hryvnias.

In October 2012, the Office fined "Vynogradiv DSES" for abuse of dominance.

Vynogradiv SES inflated the cost of services for the laboratory research of drinking water turbidity and color index. In addition, the sanitary-epidemiological station, contrary to current legislation, established fees for organizational, technical and informational support of registries of sanitary-epidemiological examinations.

March 12 this year, the Commercial Court of Transcarpathian region decided that the claim of the Office should be satisfied and "Vynogradiv DSES" should pay to the state the fine in the amount of 3,000 UAH and the accrued penalties for late payment in the amount of 1,500 UAH.

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