Vynogradiv has another literary victory!

It is the only city that Max Kidruk chose for the presentation of his new techno-thriller

 Vynogradiv is the only presentation stop in Transcarpathia for a young writer, popularizer of science Max Kidruk. In the city House of Culture, there was a meeting as part of the nationwide tour, during which the 32-year-old writer from Rivne presented a new work – a techno-thriller "Look into my dreams."

 He is electrical engineer by education. He once won an international grant, studied in Stockholm and had a dream – to travel to Mexico.

It was that trip to Mexico that changed his life later. Kidruk began to write and travel.  After the Mexican adventure he wrote his first manuscript and sent it to 6 publishers. They sent 6 rejections. And then, there was the "Coronation of Word", the second prize and all the six publishers were standing by him with ready contracts…

Then, new travels: Easter Island, Ecuador – more than 30 countries.  The search for his own way, his place in Ukrainian literature and, most importantly, the search for his own style.   

 According to the author, he was greatly influenced by an article about decoding of visual images by Professor Jack L. Hellent. Thus, the skech of the book "Look into my dreams" was made. Although, according to Max Kidruk, the style of the book is social drama rather than techno-thriller. It depicts the life of the post-Maidan Ukraine, a family deep in depts, and illness and strange dreams of the son…

Also Max Kidruk presented another artistic experiment – stylistically diverse book "DNA", which includes seven stories from seven authors – Serhiy Zhadan, Yuriy Vynnychuk, Irena Karpa, Oleksandr "Fozzy" Sidorenko, Andriy Kokotyukha, Volodymyr Rafeenko and Max Kidruk.

                Signing session thematically completed the meeting in Vynogradiv.  

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