Vynogradiv has a chance to win grants for sterilization of stray animals and rehabilitation and sports center

The city of Vynogradiv has been consistently pursuing the development policy with particular attention to sports and rehabilitation, as well as control of stray animals, which currently constitute a threat to citizens.

Recently, Vynogradiv City Council in partnership with the newly established municipal enterprise "Centre for Investment and Development" of Vynogradiv City Council and in close cooperation with the Polish towns of Sanok and Rzeszow have applied for funding for the establishment of cross-border rehabilitation and sports centers as well as stray animal control centers.

The financing for the Ukrainian party is 880,000 euro and 650,000 euro, respectively.

On behalf of the Ukrainian-Polish partners, the applications were recently signed by the Mayor of Vynogradiv Stepan Bochkay, the director of Vynogradiv "Center for Investment and Development" Artur Sherehi, the mayor of the Polish city of Sanok Tadeusz Pioro, the president of Animal Protection Association of Rzeszow Galina Dervish.

These applications were submitted for the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020, and the co-financing under the terms of the European Community could reach 90% of the eligible costs.

The review of the applications will take about three months. In case of a positive result, the applicants will be invited to submit detailed forms with technical documentation and hopefully European experts will take notice of the common problems of Ukrainian city of Vynogradiv and Polish cities of Sanok and Rzeszow, and European Commission will allocate the funds to address them. 

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