Vynogradiv artists wished the Croatians victory in the FIFA World Cup. The words are prophetic!

At the invitation of the Ukrainian community of the Republic of Croatia and the Ivan Franko Cultural and Educational Society from the city of Vukovar (Croatia), Vynogradiv musicians – the orchestral group of the amateur orchestra of folk instruments at the city house of culture managed by the Honored Culture Worker of Ukraine Victor Marushka, woman vocal ensemble with the soloist Svitlana Gnetylo – and representatives of the deputy corps took part in the 11th Central Symposium of Ukrainians in Croatia "Days of Ukrainian Culture".

 During the symposium in the city of Vukovar, there was a meeting of representatives of all Ukrainian communities from Croatia, as well as guests from neighboring countries – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine. Representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia, local authorities and the public took part in the events.

 During the short stay in Croatia, Vynogradiv guests were struck by the general excitement and national zeal of the Croatians about the football World Cup.

 National flags and flags with red and white squares were flying over buildings, car hoods and mirrors were decorated with symbols, the central streets were flooded with football fans, there were fan zones throughout the city.

 And although the visit of Vynogradiv delegation to Vukovar was art-related, they did not forget about the participation of the Croatian team in the 2018 World Football Championship. Before leaving, Vynogradiv artists wished the Croats victory over Denmark in the FIFA World Cup. So, at first there was a victory over Denmark, then over Russia, then over England, and now for the first time in history Croatia has reached the final.

 And may our words prove to be prophetic!


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