Volovets ditrict: education and health care suffer from lack of money, and local communities loose opportunities because of the passivity of the leaders

Such a conclusion can be made after the extended visiting meeting of the management of the region in Volovets district. Officials responsible for key social areas – education, health care and culture – complain that there is not enough money even to pay wages.
Thus, teachers of Volovets district addressed to the head of the RSA Vasyl Hubal asking to return bonuses that are not paid in the district. 
The head of Volovets District State Administration Mykhailo Popelych informed that the problem of the wage fund lack is not new, and in May it became more pressing. "We will ask money from the regional budget to return teachers’ bonuses" – he said.
As for health care sector in the district, they appealed to the head of the region with a problem: the district hospital needs a mortuary. They argue that it is important: Volovets district is a mountainous district, an international route through difficult terrain runs there, accidents occur frequently, sometimes fatal, so the need is urgent. They already have project-estimate documentation. The matter was taken under control.
Healthcare also suffers from lack of money, and sometimes – from neglect. The head of the region heard about the problem of the central district hospital, the center for primary health care. Commenting on the subject, he noted that the primary level should be improved. "The better primary care physicians – family doctors – work, the less stress the district hospital will have. Health care should be supported" – Vasyl Hubal said. 
Speaking about the needs of the community, the head of the RSA stressed that often local leaders do not use all opportunities. For example, out of 15 village councils of Volovets district, only 5 communities participate in international grant projects. "The community should be active, village heads should work to attract resources, provide ideas and propose projects. Now, there is not enough of it. This is not a criticism, this is an offer! No pain, no gain. I invite village heads to be more involved in projects at various levels. I think that at the District State Administration, there should be a division, which would help in the development of grant projects"- Vasyl Hubal said.
He said that if communities do not have the funds to co-finance projects, but they are active and have ideas and developments, the regional government would help. "We need to establish the partnership and seek new approaches for the benefit of villages, towns and cities" – the head of the RSA said.

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