Volodymyr Smolanka explained why once he was the first to read rarest editions

September 11 Deputy of Regional Council, Director of the Center for Neurosurgery and Neurology Volodymyr Smolanka met with staff of one of the largest libraries of the region – Transcarparthian Regional Universal Scientific Library. 

"When I go to the library, immediately I have a kind of strange feeling, probably bewilderment. Because, remembering my childhood, I can say that I spent a lot of time in libraries. At that time there was no Internet, no interesting television and, praise God, it inspired children to read as much as possible" – said Smolanka during the meeting.


But now, complains Volodymyr Ivanovich, he sorely lacks time for reading. Only during numerous trips he can find a minute. So librarians asked the world-renowned neurosurgeon, what the last book he read was. He answered – "Magus" by John Fowles.   

Smolanka September 13

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