Volodymyr Pavley: along with Narodna square will also fix up all the surrounding parks

 In these moments, at the meeting of Uzhgorod City Urban Development Council Volodymyr Pavley presents his project of the reconstruction of Narodna Square. According to him, at the request of members of the council, the pavement area in his design has been reduced, and the planting area has been increased in the ratio of 43 to 57. Pavley also said that along with the reconstruction of the square, all the nearby parks will be fixed up, including the one near the Medical Fuculty and the area near the monument to Taras Shevchenko. One of the parks, according to Pavley, will be for youth recreation, and the one behind the Regional State Administration building – for elderly people. Pavley says that the issue of parking space and traffic intersections near Narodna square will also be resolved soon, but did not specify how.

The Urban Development Council remains the only obstacle to the implementation of the reconstruction project which is strongly supported, in particular by the the head of Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledyda. Many experts left the Regional Urban Development Council as a protest against the reconstruction, they were replaced by officials.   

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