“VKontakte” launched an advertising exchange

The social network "VKontakte" launched an advertising exchange, through which advertisers can officially place paid advertisements in the popular communities of the site.

The announcement was made ​​today in the social network’s blog, the "Vesti.Ekonomika" reported.

According to the statement, advertisers already now can post advertising entries in hundreds of major groups and public pages connected to the advertising exchange.

Currently, only communities with daily outreach of at least 100 thousand people can join the exchange.Others can receive access to the exchange by the end of this year.

The administration of the "VKontakte" notes that advertisers can take advantage of convenient tools to manage entries, find suitable communities, as well as the advanced statistics to calculate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

According to the Press Secretary of the social network Yuri Lobushkin, advertising fee will be charged on a progressive scale, but will not exceed 45%. The fee will be charged on advertisers, while the communities will receive all the requested amount.

"The amount of the fee ranges from 20% to 45% and includes advertising agencies fee, which can be as much as 20%. Small communities will give us and agencies only 20%, that is "VKontakte" will make virtually no profit on them," – the founder of "VKontakte" Pavel Durov wrote.

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