Virastiuk and Khaladzhi will act in the film under the Transcarpathian Alexandr Gavrosh literary work

The producer of Mykhailo Illienko tape ‘ToiKhtoProishovKrizVogon’ Volodymyr Fillipov recently returned from the Cannes Film Festival. He presented the film on the film market festival.

What successes have you returned from Cannes with?

‘48 film professionals from 23 countries passed on the market festival. There is an agreement on the film placement on Facebook. This will be the paid show on the internet. From now on, our fellow dwellers will be able to see the movie in Paraguay or Uruguay. Also we were invited at the Film Festival in St. Petersburg and ‘Kinoshok in Anapa. We agreed about the film screening in the cinemas of Canada, USA, France and England.’ 

You have presented the film project ‘Ivan Syla’, which will be directed by Viktor Andrienko. What kind of feedbacks and suggestion did u receive?

‘The film presentation aroused great interest. But the tape’s budget 100% is to be covered by the State Cinema. Therefore, we searched only for the distribution partners. We agreed with the Ukrainian company “B&H”, that the film will be shown in our cinemas in March 2013, if the production terms are kept.’

At what stage of production are tapes?

‘At the initial. The scenario development was finished. The actor casting is being hold now. It is written by the literary work of Alexandr Gavrosh about the Ukrainian hero Ivan Firtsak. He was known as the strongest man in the world in the 1928. But he stopped performances abroad and returned home at the peak of his career. He received the first prize in the “Film scripts for children” category at this year’s “The Words Coronation”.’

Is this film for children?

‘For adolescents. We are oriented on the 12-16-year old audience. But the picture will be interesting to all. Roughly speaking, this will be the “Harry Potter” audience. Due to the fact that we produce a few films, their audience is broad. “ToiKhtoProishovKrizVogon” was seen by schoolchildren, students and pensioners. 82-year old woman came at the first session in Lviv. This was the morning session at 10 a.m. even before the official premier. The woman said that she was not attended the cinema for the last 20 years, but on this film she came out of the house. We produce films for the family viewing. And this includes all the age groups.’

Who will be acting in ‘Ivan Syla’ film?

‘Vasyl Virastiuk and Dmytro Khaladzhi are our greatest strongmen. Khaladzha will perform the leading role. He takes a vacation in the American circus especially for shootings and refuses from the Russian actor Mykhailo Porechenko’s body-double in the film “Ivan Piddubnyi”. The last film has $12 million budget and our nearly $2 million. Mikhalkov will perform the Old Piddubnyi. Our Andrienko will also play. Virastiuk will perform one of the main roles.’

‘ToiKhtoProishovKrizVogon’ production is a great experience for you and for the director. What have you learned and what sharp angles will you avoid now in the ‘Ivan Syla’ production?

‘Our greatest bump is related to the systemic funding. Without this a lot of money is spent on the non-productive costs. “ToiKhtoProishovKrizVogon” has been filming for 4 years. Although, they were unable to pay much to the specialists, and if the monthly salary in $100 to multiple on 4 years they will get a normal amount of money. Four years of 10 people crew keeping costs $48 thousand. The terms lengthiness takes money from the screen. Only the clear production and understandable funding can correctly organize the production. I hope that the newly appointed the State Cinema leader will understand this and funding will not be ragged. Then we will be able to finish the job by the end of the year. We invest every saved dollar in the screen, because we are such a crazy people.’

How can Ukraine attract the foreign Film makers?

‘Ukraine became known as a place where you can make the technical work on the film after the “ToiKhtoProishovKrizVogon” display on the film market. We can draw on out market film makers from Belarus, Armenia and Georgia. We have two powerful companies for this purpose, such as “Le Duaen” which deals with recording, processing and sound mixing in Dolby Digital and digital laboratory “Kinotur”. They can make the picture and sound at the highest international level. If our film did not have Dolby Digital sound, we would lose 40% of quality. The sound in the film is very important.

Besides, our viewers got used to high-quality American product. The viewer sees it as misleading when the TV movie is stretch at the big screen and it is said that it is the new Ukrainian cinematography. It is important to make high quality movie, rather than think about what exactly shoot. We had a fruitful conversation with Azerbaijan specialists in Cannes. They have only 2 cinemas in the whole country. They were impressed by the high technical quality of our film. They are going to come to Ukraine to do sound and the picture now.

If our producers use their own production capabilities, we can save 15-20% of the tape budget. Any departure on sound and film processing abroad has non-productive expenditures on the daily business trip allowance, accommodation, travel, the materials transportation, customs clearance. Besides, we have a loyal price. Our film makers give quite soft conditions for their producers.’

What was the difference between Ukrainian pavilion in Cannes and the others?

‘They differed with the fuss. Not always the suggested technology projects were at the national pavilion level. It is closely connected with the lack of funding. If you have came on the world’s largest film market, than you do not take television projects. This is not the movie and the audience does not understand why he is here. Our film was attended. Someone liked it, someone did not – this is the matter of taste and the producer’s attitude. But everyone said: ‘Yes, this is a movie.’

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