Vinogradovo District Council to present a card “Royal Gospel 1401”

In 2011 we celebrated the 610th anniversary since the establishment of a little-known but very important written monument in Transcarpathia – Royal Gospel. The Gospel was created by Stanislav Grammarian in 1401 in the Royal (Nyalabskiy) castle and is now regarded to as the oldest surviving Cyrillic book, which was created in Transcarpathia. Royal Gospel is 160 years older than the famous Peresopnytsia Gospel, which is used by the President of Ukraine when taking the oath.

The Royal Gospel is housed in Transcarpathian Museum of Regional Natural History in Uzhgorod. At the end of the book it is indicated that it was re-written in 1401 by Stanislav Grammarian in Nelabskiy castle in Kralhazi (today it is a village of Korolevo in Vynohradiv district).
On November 30, 2011 the anniversary of Royal Gospel was celebrated for the first time. A memorial dedicated to the Royal Gospel was opened in village Korolevo, Soglasiya street, there was organized and hosted a scientific conference under the title "Royal Gospel – a monument to the spiritual culture of Transcarpathia".
In order to further promote the Gospel and take measures on its preservation, Vinogradiv District Council will organize a presentation of the card "Royal Gospel 1401".
The event will take place on 03.06.2012 in the premises of the Royal secondary school №1 (village of  Korolevo, Tisovaya street, 4), starting at 2.p.m.

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