Village of Dil in Mizhgiria district is ‘dying out’

We can say that the village of Dil belongs to the category of ‘endangered’ settlements. And once life used to flourish there. There were more than 80 holdings with the population of nearly 300 people on the relatively small area.

From the historical sources we found out that more than three hundred years ago in the impassible dense forests robbers were wandering without knowing where to share looted ‘trophies’ and calling this locality Dol. Later on the dweller from the village Repynsk by name Mytsa dwelt here hiding from enemies or intruders. He settled near the crystal clear spring and dug a well. This well is still called ‘mashtriska’ (‘master’) on the local dialect, as the first settler was an extremely skilful master.

There used to be a library, primary school, health care post, village club, Greek-Catholic Church, store, etc. Construction of new roads was financed by the collective farm at that time. They used almost 4 hectares of land and never completed its construction because they did not manage to install five concrete pipes for sewage by the time of collapse. Therefore, the ambulance or, God forbid, a fire truck cannot get there when the emergency occurs…

Currently only the primary school and the store, to which the village citizens deliver goods on their own vehicles are working there. The culture and medicine branches remained only in history. Local kids walk more than 3 kilometers to the secondary school in the village Repynsk and in bad weather they study ‘extramurally’ at home.

So, apparently, it becomes clear immediately why the population is decreasing year by year and young people can be seen there less and less…

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