Viktor Baloga offers to transfer Borzhava railroad in the custody of local authorities

The gradual steady destruction of Borzhava railroad demands an immediate response of local authorities. The destruction of historical and social object of Transcarpathia should be finally stopped and its further destiny should be quickly solved. Such a belief was expressed by the Minister of Emergency Situations of Ukraine, member of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Viktor Baloga, when commenting on media reports about the dismantling of another rut.

Governmental official said that the government of Transcarpathia reveals a surprising ignorance and poor judgment on the fate of more than hundred years to Borzhava railway. Its privatization that was carried out without the consent of the local community at a price that was lower than the actual cost of scrap metal resulted to significant loss of infrastructure of this unique mode of transportation. Narrow-gauge railway, which survived after two world wars and the collapse of the empire, today cannot withstand the invasion of smart dealers who do not care of the historic heritage of Transcarpathia.

V. Baloga believes that this issue should be taken under the local governments’ authorities. Narrow-gauge railway is quite capable to be self-supporting and provide benefits as transport and tourist facilities. One of the preservation and development methods of Borzhava railway is its transfer on communal ownership under the management and control of local communities.

The Minister said that he initiated the development of documents, including those to the government that are designed to protect the unique Borzhava narrow-gauge railway from the final destruction. ‘Transcarpathian community, the local representative government should not be let the historic heritage of the land – said Baloga.

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