Vidrodzhennya is taking to the Regional Council two assistants of Lanyo

The list of candidates for the Regional Council from the "Vidrodzhennya" includes two assistants of the MP Mykhailo Lanyo – Vasyl Koshel and Petro Hrytsyk. Also, the MP’s brother – Ivan Lanyo – is running for deputy. The list also includes current deputies of the Regional Council elected in 2010 from the Party of Regions. Those are Oleg Palinkash, Oleksiy Baranyuk, Petro Ilnytsky and Petro Hrytsyk.

Two Party of Regions members, the former chairman of Irshava district council Stanistav Sukhan and the former chairman of Beregovo district council Yuriy Knobloh are also running from the party. The former chairman of the regional council Mykola Andrus will try to get to the regional council once again. The list of the Vidrodzhennya also includes the former brother-in-law of Viktor Medvedchuk Ivan Chubyrko. 

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