Video of the day drew attention of not only the public but also law enforcement

Last night, some websites published the information that a real massacre happened in Uzhgorod involving an employee of the regional branch of the National Bank, his friends from the prosecution office and the policemen, who had been called to the scene.

According to this information, the fight happened in the cafe "Hurman" in Uzhgorod. And the drunken employee of the National Bank was shouting something in defense of the separatists and promised to complain about the policemen to Geletey.

The "Pro Zahid" checked the story about the "massacre" and insists that the incident occurred not in the "Hurman", but in the nearby cafe "Sakura". The local waiters confirmed that indeed there had been a drunk man there, who later refused to pay the bill, began harrassing a waitress. Employees of the cafe called the police, the officers arrived and accepted the report of the drunken bully.

There were no fights in the "Sakura", waiters say, although the man did behave insolently against the police. Neither did they hear anything in defense of separatists. As for some rowdy’s friends from the prosecutor’s office, they say that there indeed were some drunk friends, but they did not see or hear them showing any certificates or saying that they were with the prosecutor’s office.

The press service of the police confirmed the information about the incident, although they did not tell whether the hooligan was an employee of the National Bank. The police identified the man, the criminal proceedings under the articles "Hooliganism" and "Persistent disobedience to police officers" were opened against him.

The press service of the regional prosecutor’s office denies the involvement of their employees in the incident: the prosecutors of Transcarpathian region officially declares the incident captured on video did occurr, but prosecutors have nothing to do with it.


The scandalous video itself is being shared in social networks proving the alcohol reveals all the flaws of upbringing…

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