Victor Shchadey believes that Uzhgorod mayor should go

Secretary of the Uzhgorod City Council Viktor Shchadey commented on rumors about his upcoming retirement on his page in the Facebook network.

"All day everybody asks, if it is true that on tomorrow’s session of the City Council the Mayor is going to put the question of my resignation. The answer is: yes, I have such information. I’m not going to try to influence the voting. Personally, I will be glad to return to journalism anyway" – said Shchadey.

He also said that his job is not his desire, but his duty, adding: "Frankly, it is Pogorelov who should resign. During those two years, he completely failed in all areas of work.   We expected that he would bring at least elementary order to the city. But instead we have a complete mismanagement and decline. Pogorelov has to go."


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