Victor Pshonka: The body of Rizak’s son will be exhumed

There are several versions in the case of the death of the former Transcarpathian governor I.Rizak’s son, including the version of his murder. This was announced during the briefing by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Victor Pshonka

"Rizak applied to the prosecution for the permission to exhume. The decision have been made by the prosecution. That is, there will be commission examination, the results of which will be attached to the criminal case," – said V.Pshonka.

"The Prosecutor General’s Office reviewed the case file and now the article of the criminal case has been reclassified as "murder", and this version is considered among several others" – noted the Prosecutor General.

That is, he said, the criminal case is being investigated, all the circumstances of the death of this young man are being thoroughly examined.



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