Victor Pogorelov: “It is not worthwhile to pay attention to the Panovs. I’m not interested in them”

Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov said that he does not participate in the "conflict" with Natalia Panova, the head of State Executive Service Department in Transcarpathian region and believes the subject is not worth attention.

"We responded to the situation and behavior of this official at the meeting of the Executive Committee. Like other members of the Executive Committee, I expressed my opinion exhaustively: the assessment of Panova’s actions must be provided by the competent authorities, to whom we actually appealed. I think that the case should be considered within a professional and legal field, and the official must be provided with a proper response from the competent services. For me, this topic is closed. For those who call it a "war", I want to say: there is no conflict here at all. If someone wants to transfer the case into a private plane, that is their business. I’m not involved. And, frankly speaking, I don’t find it worthwhile to pay attention to the family of Panovs – I’m not interested. Period."- said the mayor.

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